MILESTONE UPDATE: Work4Nonprofits Takes Capitol Hill


This April, Work4Nonprofits brought together thought leaders with diverse backgrounds for a panel on Capitol Hill focused on the strength and impact of the nonprofit sector and the role it can play in putting unemployed Americans back to work.

At this event, panelists including Congressman John Conyers, Mike Curtin of DC Central Kitchen, Valerie Shultz-Wilson of the National Urban League, Carl Van Horn of Rutgers University and Joe Carbone of The Workplace came together to discuss the impact that the nonprofit sector can and should have on the problem of long-term unemployment. There are many highly talented professionals who have been out of work for 26 weeks or more and just need the right opportunity to get back on their feet.  The nonprofit sector has the jobs that these individuals are seeking.

In fact, nonprofits employ 10.7 million people, and 50% of nonprofit organizations plan to hire in 2015. Now is the time for nonprofits to find ways to utilize this talented, ready and willing workforce to fill its open positions.

This conversation was an important step in this effort, and we look forward to engaging you as we continue to grow our impact. Browse the photo gallery from the event or watch the live stream recording below.

Missed it? That’s ok! You can see the entire event here and our event recap above.