“People are tired of being asked to get behind small change; People want to be connected to something big.”

– Dan Pallotta, activist

Change begins with us. We need passionate partners and champions to drive the Work4Nonprofits effort forward, and we want you to pledge your support and join our coalition. Read on to learn more about what our coalition members do and then take action to get involved.

What Do Supporters Do?

  • Raise your voice in agreement around the need to engage the nonprofit workforce as a solution for long-term unemployment
  • Leverage your networks to raise awareness of the problem of longterm unemployment and the opportunity of nonprofit work
  • Contribute available resources including research/data, networks and influence to drive down long-term unemployment
  • Actively drive the solution to put 100,000 long-term unemployed jobseekers back to work

Who Can Pledge Their Support?

  • Nonprofits
  • Foundations
  • Corporate entities
  • Government entities
  • Individuals
  • HR professionals in the nonprofit sector

How Can You Help?

Fill out the form below or download and sign the Pledge Your Support Statement and email it to info@work4nonprofits.org.We can’t wait to have you join us as we work together for this important cause.


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It’s time to make unemployment a problem of the past.